Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gardening and Bryan's Planter Boxes

The first project that we decided to tackle on our house this year was the garden. Our friend from church, Adam, just so happens to be really great at gardening and was willing to help us! (His wife Amy is a great friend and really talented too! )

The Before:

Oh, the monkey grass (the tall grass lining the garden area). It was really terrible looking. No offense to anyone who likes or has it at their house, but it just made it look our home look like it had a fuzzy beard. Adam worked hard and pulled all of that crazy stuff out. There were also some bushes; Bryan had just cut them down before I took this picture. We didn't really want plants that required a lot of maintenance.

The After:
And please don't judge me...I haven't finished painting the porch yet!!! ;)

Adam, Bryan and I went shopping together at Lowe's for new plants. We picked out a lot of annuals, and a few perennials just because I liked the colors, plus a few herbs for a little herb garden. The two of them planted all the flowers and then covered the ground surrounding the plants with mulch. I really love how it came out! A couple of the plants are having a hard time staying alive, but still it looks great overall!

A few close-ups:

After the flowers were in the ground, Bryan and I still had to find a place for the herbs we had purchased. I didn't really want them in the same place as our flowers, but we didn't have any more flower pots or boxes. Until Bryan did something REALLY cool!!!

He is so smart and resourceful! He found some old pieces of fence post laying behind our shed and assembled 2 awesome planter boxes out of them! This is the video that showed him how to make them, if anyone is interested in making their own: (The guy in the video is pretty funny)

Bryan says they're pretty easy to make and take less than an hour to assemble!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
-The Sanders Family


  1. Love the planter box! I love, love, love to garden, but I have no yard. I have a bajillion pots at our apartment, but it's just not the same!

  2. Thanks Chelsea! :) We do love our little garden, but I love potted plants too! Those are probably easier to take care of anyway, because you don't have to worry about weeds!

  3. I have my herbs in pots this year too so I can take them with us "just in case". Love the planter box. My bro is so handy!

  4. Isn't he though? ;) We're growing mint, oregano, basil and cilantro! What about you?

  5. CORINNA!! I'm so excited you started a blog!!! : D My google friend connect thingy is being silly and I can't follow you yet, but I subscribed!

    May I just say the title and look of this blog is flippin adorable. Yay for blogging friends!!! Is Ollie gonna post too? : D

    Is it cool if we take those before and after pics of your house for Adam's portfolio?

  6. Of course you can Amy!! :)

    Hmm...Ollie should do a post :D


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