Monday, June 20, 2011

The Laundry Room

So in our last post I showed you  the curtain I made for a mysterious room in our house. Well, it was for the laundry room! :)

A few months ago, I saw this picture online (this is NOT our laundry room):

(Sources: Design Sponge, Cameras and Chaos)

I really loved the look of this laundry room! From the bright, cheery blue on the walls to the sparkle on the chandelier. SO PRETTY! This laundry room also has a very similar setup to ours, so it was easy to envison our space looking this way! Bryan liked the idea too, so off to Lowe's we went for some paint!

I don't have a picture of our laundry room before, but I'll try and describe it a little bit. Basically the walls were white, there were no decorations in there yet, except for an old dark green curtain that was hanging when we moved in. That's basically the description. Not that it was bad it was just.....a laundry room.

Here's how our laundry room looks now....

So our room isn't a replica of the first room, but that's ok! I really love what we did with it. Here's how we made a room *inspired* by the first room.

1. Paint color This one is pretty close to the original. I loved it, and I think it makes the laundry room look much happier!

2. Some sparkle! The original room used a chandelier, but I didn't have one of those lying around, and we really wanted to keep our budget REALLY low for the laundry room. Also, I LOVE chandeliers, but if I had one it wouldn't be in the laundry room! No one would ever see it really. So I used this painting I made in high school (below). My art teacher at the time helped me cut out some wooden masks to attach to my painting to give it a cool 3D effect. To the masks I attached TONS of sequins.  I think this painting brought the same amount of sparkle as the chandelier, and it was something I had around the house!

3. Fun, Patterned Curtains
They used a pretty blue paisley print in the inspiration room but I made mine from a skirt from Goodwill. It just so happened to match the room really well! So once again, keeping costs DOWN! Use what you have!! If you didn't see the last post, here's the curtain again (below):

4. Art
I don't think that a laundry room (especially a small one like ours) requires a TON of artwork, but I do think it's nice to put a little something in there to personalize the room. In the inspiration room, they used a picture frame with some artsy photographs in it. In our room we used the sequin painting and this:

The picture frame is from the clearace section at Wal-Mart. Then I just printed off a picture from one of my FAVORITE movies of all time- Singin' In the Rain. I thought somehow that was appropriate for the place we wash our landry!

We also had a few piggy banks that went with the color scheme, so Bryan suggested we put some in here. He pointed out it would be a good place to take the change out of your pockets before you wash your clothes! Genius!!!

We actually put the princess piggy on our wedding registry as kind of a joke, but I'm not going to lie, I was pretty excited when a family friend got it for us! Plus I think they give the room a little more personality!

I feel like the overall mood of the room is happiness. The art is funny and carefree and the colors are nice and bright! We really like the laundry room now! Not doing laundry maybe, but the laundry room!

Thanks for looking!


  1. THAT PAINTING. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT. the whole room is just adorable!! You did an amazing job!! And the piggy bank idea is in fact genius!

  2. I am actually excited to show this to Jason because it is such a wonderful idea and I want to get decorating!!!!! I am so glad I met you because you are AMAZING!!!!

  3. I wouldn't mind doing laundry in that room! Maybe it'll make it a little more bearable.


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