Friday, June 24, 2011

Ollie's "New" Playground

Okay so our backyard isn't exactly "new". It's been here all along. We were very blessed to find a home with such a great, big backyard space. But Ollie hasn't really been able to play in it until now. Why you ask? Because I had this old, non-working car parked in the driveway, which prevented the fence from closing properly.

When Ollie was a puppy, we usually took him outside to the backyard without a leash on, and it was  no big deal. Until he learned how to run across the street. And don't let his current size (about 70lbs) fool you, this dog can run FAST. He thinks running across the street from us is funny. How do I know?

One time when Ollie ran away from the back yard, I couldn't find him! I was terrified. It was snowy out, and since he's a white dog, he was camouflaged! Then I found him. Peeking out from behind a parked car, like a child playing hide and seek, waiting to see if I could find him. And when I went toward him he ran further. Not funny Ollie!!!

(This picture is from Ollie's first day home. One of my faves. Also you can see the sad black car, blocking the fence)

So anyway, after lots of not-funny runaways, we realized that Ollie simply couldn't be outside without a leash anymore. It just wasn't safe. Even in the backyard he couldn't be safe because of my old car blocking the fence from closing.

So a couple of days ago someone came by the house asking Bryan about the car. Bryan told him all the things that were wrong with it, and how it wouldn't start, but told him if the man could get it out of the driveway he could have it. For free. The man took it the next day.

And now our fence closes! I'm so happy!!!! Even though it was a little sad to see Charlotte (the car) go.

So we've been out there with Ollie a few times since we got rid of the old car. These pics are from the 2nd time. The 2nd time since he's played freely outside without a leash since probably like a year ago.

At first he didn't know what to do. He just kind of stood there looking at me like "Whadda we do now?" See what I mean?

But then he started to have more fun.

 He ran. We chased each other.

He sniffed all over the yard.

He made ridiculous faces.

Yep it was good times!!! It was even more fun when Bryan got home from work today and we all went out and played together. I love my husband and I love our little family.<3

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  1. Watson and I are SUPER jealous of your fenced-in backyard! Kyle probably isn't because it would mean mowing, haha.


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