Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Living Room

So it occurred to me that many of our friends probably haven't seen our living room before. We need to have people over more often. I also realized that even fewer people probably saw how the living room looked when we first moved in. So I thought I'd share with all of you our living space then and now. You're all invited to stop by sometime for real though :)

So here's the before picture:

This picture is from before we had moved ANYTHING in (can you tell? ha!). There was a wallpaper border, no curtains, and everything was beige. Still, it was nothing to complain about. We were now owners of a home and it was beautiful. It just needed a little work.

Here's another picture I found of Bryan in the living room. I can tell how old this picture is by looking at the chair he's sitting in. When we first moved in, pretty much all we had were a few hand-me-down chairs and a TV. I remember wondering how we would EVER be able to fill up this HUGE house, since we both had so little stuff. Well, trust me, we've filled it up since then.

So, some changes we've made since then:
  • Thanks to generous family and friends' furniture donations and funding, our living room is totally furnished. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
  • Bryan painted the walls
  • Bought some much-needed curtains
  • We personalized it with art and other funky pieces
Here are the "after" shots:

A few close-ups:
The record player console: We love this piece. We bought it from some really good friends of ours when they were moving. Bryan got the record player to work, so it is used for playing records, but it also serves as extra storage and as sort of an entertainment center!

Bryan's guitar: I LOVE my musical husband! He's so talented! I really like the way this looks in the room. It's a nice conversation piece! I also like that it's SAFE on the wall and that Bryan can grab it and play it easily, whenever he wants.

A Few Pictures of Art:
One of the 3 frames hanging above the TV. I bought 12x12 RED frames at Michael's and put in a few of my scrapbook pages. I love these because they're easy to change out. I also like that new guests can learn a lot about us in just a few seconds of looking.

The paintings (above): A few pictures I did in school. The top one is of our feet propped up on a seat at a diner (it was the Waffle House to be exact). I painted that while we were still dating! The second painting is of Judy Garland- love her!

This is hanging above our front door. So sweet and romantic. This, as well as many of the other things in the room, was a wedding gift. Again, thank you to EVERYONE! :D Your help and support have allowed us to do so much in our home. We love you!

I really like our living room. I think it feels cozy and comfortable, and I hope welcoming. Thanks for stopping by and looking at it!



  1. Love the chocolate walls!!!

  2. I've already seen the walls, but seeing this paint compared to the old somehow makes it seem even more awesome.


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