Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Picture Frame Project

The project I'm sharing with you today is actually for our master bedroom :) I'm planning a gray, white and yellow color scheme with purple accents! My starting point for the color scheme was our comforter from Target.

Photo Source

Here are the picture frames I used for my project:

I found the black frame at the Goodwill outlet (where lots of things are 79 cents/lb- woohoo!) and the white frames were from the regular Goodwill. We got them for $4/each. The frame are actually really nice and made of wood. I've been wanting some decorative, vintage looking frames for-EVER and we finally found some! Yes!!!

I wanted to make all of the frames the same color (white). The large white frames needed a little touching up too, so I painted them all with white spray paint.

BTW, did you know you could buy a can of white spray paint at the hardware store for $1???? I sure didn't!

Next, I took the polka dot frame mats, some spray adhesive, and a  pretty bedsheet I had laying around (from Goodwill, where else?) and I attached pieces from the sheet directly onto the matting pieces, folding and gluing in the back to keep any extra hidden.

After that, I printed out B&W pics of Bryan and me onto cardstock (all photos were 5x7) and attached them with spray adhesive as well. Then I put all the pictures in the frames! All done!

Thanks for looking!
-The Sanders Family

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