Friday, June 17, 2011

Inspired by: Big Bang Theory!

      I am obsessed with the way they dress on Big Bang Theory. Seriously. And according to , I have costume designer Mary T. Quigley to thank for it. The colors and patterns she puts together are so vibrant and energetic! Take a look!!

Watching this show makes me want to be more bold in my color choices!!! Whether it's an art project or in the way I dress, I just love the idea of mixing colors together that I haven't before.

Today I'm sharing a Father's Day Project that's Sheldon-inpired, using the picture above. This is pretty much the color scheme:

For holidays, I usually bake something for my dad. He's kind of a health nut and rarely eats sweets, so I figure it is my duty to make sure he continues to eat them :)

So this Father's Day, I want to bake him something but present it a little differently. Usually I just bring it in a little tupperware bowl or something but Sheldon inspired me to make this instead:

I sewed up a little reusable lunch bag! I had some scraps of fabric- a light blue,patterned on and a dark purple and thought they emulated Sheldon's style well.

Wanna see what's inside???

I used Horizon milk for the red color I wanted, lemon zest cookies for the yellow, and made a little  humorous moustache card printed on brown paper. It's a gift that's funny, cool, and a little nerdy, just like Sheldon!

 Close-up of the fabrics I used:

The How-To's

Lunch Bag:
 Martha Stewart has some good instructions! She makes hers from oilcloth, but mine was made from regular cotton fabric.  For mine, I just used a real paper bag, cut apart as my pattern. If you do that, just remember to add seam allowances on each edge!
Another good source:
* I actually had to stuff mine with tissue paper to make it stand up, yes mine is full of flaws, but its cute!

Lemon Zest Cookies:
 These cookies are SO delish! They have real lemon juice and zest in them, which adds delicious flavor! What dad doesn't want lemon cookies in the summer?
I added yellow food coloring to mine to make them POP!

Father's Day Card:
 I made this one, so I'm sharing it with you! I printed mine out on brown cardstock, but use whatever you have!  Make sure to write your message on the back of the card, so Dad looks like he has a moustache as he's reading it!!! Hahaha!

Happy father's day to my dad, my father-in-law, my step dad, and to all the other fathers we know!



  1. CORINNA YOU ARE AWESOME!! srsly. how CUTE IS THIS?!?! I mean manly. Manly! : D I'm in awe of your skillz.


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