Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Don't You Think Daisies Are the Friendliest Flower?"

A line from my favorite movie of all time- You've Got Mail. But the daisies in our garden have been less than friendly lately.

When we were shopping for flowers for our garden, I saw the daises and couldn't resist. I got four big plants of them that said they would get even bigger as time went by. I wanted a TON of daisies!. But then we put them in the ground and I watched them wither away, almost immediately! Most of our other plants did just fine but the daisies? No sir.

But then today....what is that?

A glimmer of hope for my daisies???

Little buds....and there are more of them!

Just waiting to bloom and be BEAUTIFUL!!!

I noticed these little buds (and a few new blooms) outside this morning. I know it's such a little thing, but I was so excited!

Perhaps daisies are the friendliest flower after all.

I knew it!

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!

-The Sanders Family


  1. I had this happen, too! I have no idea why, but they seem to have perked up a bit now.

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