Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fancy Flash Drives

So as I mentioned before, I've been doing some back-to-school shopping lately- supplies, books, new clothes, etc. I'm just so ready to go back. I realized that I still needed one more thing though- a flash/USB drive!

Last semester I used my external hard drive (that my wonderful husband got for me) at school, which is amazing, but  thought I could use something a little smaller for everyday use.

And of course it had to be pretty.

So I looked around on the internet for the prettiest one. There were some amazing and unique choices out there:

Source: Wooden Goat on Etsy
This one features some pretty wood carving!

Source: Basement Foundry on Etsy

I love this one because it mixes modern technology with this old-school cogs and gears look! However, I wasnt fond of the $118 price tag. Sigh...

And then there was this one:

Source: Talismanmaster on Etsy

This one was my absolute FAVE! I loved it so much, but still could not justify the price (though it was much lower than the previous one). But I got inspired by it. They said you could use it as a necklace or a keychain.


How cute would that be? Sure I couldn't do any metalsmithing or woodworking, but I could make my own cute version!

Step 1:
I purchased this ITSY BITSY flash drive off of Amazon. It was pretty inexpensive, and I thought it would be easier to dress up than a larger, chunky flash drive.

Step 2:
I found this peace sign locket at Kmart. I like it because it's super cute, and it's silver so it will go with almost anything I wear. I can wear it all the time at school and never lose my flash drive!

Step 3:
The next step was super easy. I just put the flash drive in!!!
And that's it! It was easy and inexpensive, and now my flash drive is unique!!! Sure it's a litte nerdy, but I like to think it's nerdy-CHIC.

Thanks for coming by! :)


  1. Ha, I stumbled on this by chance, if I were a woman I would do this, sadly I am a manly man.
    Perhaps I can do a macho version of this :D
    This was cute and amusing thank you.

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