Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun with Pictures!

So the last time I talked about our spare/guest room, I was making some artwork to hang on the walls. But even after that, the room was looking a little blank.

Especially the corner behind  the bed. It's the first thing you look at when you walk into the room and there was nothing there.

You see, we have the bed at an angle, which is great for walking space but bad for decorating. Decorating a corner is tricky. I didn't want to hang any art on the corner of a wall. I thought about hanging something from the ceiling, but we already have a ceiling fan in that room and I thought it would be too much going on up there. So here's how I addressed the problem:

A picture clothesline! Well, not just pictures....

This project was nearly free. I just used what I had laying around: pictures from our honeymoon trip to Gatlinburg, a few postcards from loved ones, an origami crane a friend made me....

As for other supplies? A hammer, some nails, a pencil, tape measure, mini-clothespins and some good string. Cheap, cheap, cheap!!!

What I love most about this project is that it will be SO easy to switch everything out when I feel like it!

See you next time! Hopefully I'll have the WHOLE guest room done soon!

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