Thursday, July 7, 2011


I absolutely LOVE getting mail!!!! Not the crummy stuff, like credit card offers or the ads, but REAL MAIL! Postcards, invitations, letters......and ooooooooh packages!!!

So as you might assume I was very excited to get this in the mail today:

A box full of home decor/ DIY project books!!!!

Bryan and I got a gift card from Target the other day, as a sort of rebate-type of thing for something else we purchased (a new Xbox- the old one broke). This is what I ordered with the gift card!!! Woohoo!

It seems like sort of a step in the wrong direction to have ordered all of these hard copies of books, since not long ago we bought a Nook (e-reader from Barnes and Noble). However, most design/ art/ craft books do not have Nook copies, probably because the screen just wouldn't do it justice.  My Nook has an all black and white screen, so the pictures would probably look pretty lame. Who wants to see 200 pages of black and white rooms?

With the hard copies, I can see all the colors, textures and details. But the Nook is AWESOME for lots of other reasons. I keep my novels and the Bible on it, and have even found that some textbooks have a Nook version. I can rent some books from the library without actually going there, share books with other Nook owners, and get lots of free books on it too. I think it's really cool!

Speaking of Nooks, the author of two of my new home design books, Jonathan Adler, (above) actually designed the case I keep my Nook in as well. I really like the stuff he makes! Click on his name to see all of his amazing pillows, bookends, art, etc!

Here's my super cute e-reader case that I love SO much:

It's has pretty typography all over it, with little snippets from famous stories....Oh and there's a cute little picture on my screen :)

I can't wait to really dig into these books and do some more decorating!!!! Right now I'm a little overwhelmed by all the amazing inspiration packed into them!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm jealous of your Nook cover! I'm hoping to get a Nook soon. :3

  2. If you get a Nook we can share books :D That would be so cool!

  3. Corrina, Corrina. This is so funny to me because I just sold my Nook (to go toward buying an iPad!) on eBay with the exact same cover. I gasped and thought maybe we sold it to you, but Kyle said it went to Salt Lake City.

    Also, I looove Jonathan Adler. I can still loan you Nook books from my iPad, but I don't have tons.


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