Monday, July 11, 2011


My friend Kristen and I do a craft show together once a month. Sometimes other great friends and family come along too! I love it!

But the first one we did this year, back in May, was kind of a bummer.

I had made some notebooks using printouts of my paper art and put a ton of time and energy into putting them together. But on the day of the craft fair, it rained....A LOT.  Seriously A LOT.

I tried to keep my notebooks on the table as long as possible, just in case a customer would walk by or maybe the rain would let up, but neither of these things really happened. My notebooks (as with any notebook in the rain) got really, really wet. So I just put them away and we left the fair early that day.

I was really bummed about the notebooks and lacked the motivation to start making them again.

But at the last craft fair we did ( this past Saturday)  Kristen encouraged me to try making them again. She made me realize it was silly to give up on making something that I really loved just because of one rainy day!

 So the notebooks are back! Here they are :)

The Camera Notebook- perfect for a road trip!

The Honeycomb Notebook- for someone super sweet :)

The Silhouette Notebook- A romantic one, a great place to write love letters! ;)
The Mermaid Notebook- A mix of edgy and pretty!

PLUS I made a new one!
The Woodgrain Notebook- A little more "RUSTIC"! ;) Also, if you look closely, some of the woodgrain has tiny music notes inside!

I really like the way they turned out and I am so motivated to make more!!! I am so thankful for friends who give you a little push when you need it.

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