Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paper Art

Hello again! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We had lots of fun with family and fireworks, but I also ended up getting pretty sick. It started out as plain old allergies and just got a little bit worse every day.

Change of subject. Today I thought I'd write about scrapbook paper.

I love scrapbook paper.

It's pretty, comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, and it's cheap!!! If you need new artwork in your home, scrapbook paper is a great way to do it.

Last semester at school, I took a graphic design course. Graphic design assignments, as you may expect, are mostly done using computers, but I started playing with scrapbook paper instead. Scrapbook paper became my chosen medium for the class.

This was the first paper art assignment I turned in:
We were supposed to create a book cover, and I chose The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen.

We also made business cards:
These are my business card samples. I made little envelopes for each one with a bird cut-out at the top of each one, in a coordinating color. When the card goes back into the envelope, all you see is the bird...See??

The scalloped maroon paper and the brown cardstock behind it were just there for my presentation.

For our final project, we had to put together some marketing materials for an exisiting business or event. I chose to use the Strange Folk Festival ( as my inspiration. Once again I chose to do paper art!

Their "mascot" (I guess you could call it that?) is a garden gnome. The festival is a craft fair/ music festival so I thought the papercrafted feel and musical notes worked well.

Well even after I finished my assignments, I wanted to do more paper art. So I did....
This is one of my faves. It's supposed to look like honeycomb! :) When I made this, I was actually thinking of how I'd love to have a honeycomb quilt. Instead I just took the same idea and made a frame-able piece of art.
I also made the camera:
And the boy & girl silhouettes!
I think that paper art like this is a great, inexpensive way to dress up any wall and add color and pattern to your room!

Here are a few other cool ideas for scrapbook paper I found online! They look amazing, and would make a great weekend project!

(from Spunky Junky)
It looks like they took some a few art canvases, painted the background and then cut out some owls and tree branches out of scrapbook paper. If you're not wanting to draw them yourself, I'm sure you could find a template to trace online!

(from Craft Heaven)
This person took canvases and simply traced their child's hands onto scrap paper, cut out the tracings as well as some flowers and letters and mod-podged them all to the canvas.

(from d2the4thpower)
Or you could measure and cut some squares of coordinating papers like they did here! They mod podged the squares and then painted a leafy print over the top! Pretty!!!!

Or you know what would be even EASIER?
(from Alexandria's Little Corner of the World)
Just take your papers and put them in some plain white frames! That looks awesome and takes no time at all!!

If you try any of these, I'd definitely love to see them! I want to try some of them out too :)

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading!

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