Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Way I Dress

It's been on my mind a lot lately.

I realized the other day that I really want to dress a little......fancier. Is fancier a word?

My style hasn't changed much throughout my life. All through high school I basically just wore a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of Chuck Taylors. If you see me a lot now, you know I dress pretty much the same.

Don't get me wrong. I don't intend to start wearing ballgowns and Golden Girls pantsuits, but I want to put thought into what I'm wearing.

I want to dress up at school too. I want to look more responsible and like I take good care of myself. Not like I just rolled out of bed. For all I know, someone at school could help me find a career in the future and maybe I'm closing that out with the way I dress.

So I've been back-to-school clothes shopping a little this week. Not spending a ton of money or anything, just trying to get a nice wardrobe going, that will (hopefully) last me through the whole school year. Honestly I didn't even really know what to shop for, so I Googled it. I Google everything. apparently. Here's an awesome article I found:

Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls by College Fashion

So based on this list, I went and got a few things. Wanna see?

Two of these shirts were 75% off, so don't think I'm shopping til I drop or anything. I really like all of these tops, and the other few things I got, but I realized that I accidentally bought all grey, white and black. They're great "basics" but as Bryan would say I need a "Pop-a-cullah!" (Pop of color).

I like that I could wear any of these to school or on a date with Bryan, or really anywhere else. They're on the line between casual and dressy.

I decided to make a few more rules for myself:
  • No more sweatpants outside of the house. The exceptions are when I exercise or when I'm babysitting my nephews. Other than that, they are not allowed!
  • I'm not buying any more t-shirts. I may wear a plain t-shirt on occasion, but I definitely don't need to buy more. I'm going to try to stop wearing them though.
  • I will NOT be afraid to wear skirts and dresses! They make me feel nervous, but they also make me feel pretty so I'm going to give them another chance.
So I hope this plan goes well. Don't judge me if the next time you see me I don't look too's a work in progress ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I suppose I feel the same way about skirts and dresses. I only own a couple. And you know what's weird? I don't mind fancy dresses--like what you would wear to the Fox or something like that. It's less dressy ones that bother me...which is odd because I'm also pretty much a t-shirt kind of girl.

    The thing about "fancier" clothes, particularly in the misses/women's section, is most of them are darker or muted colors. I actually love them--the majority of my wardrobe seems to be darker colors. I don't know why; I'm just attracted to them. ANYWAY, I have a tip for adding some color: wear some colored jewelry. I have this black fancy dress that I wore for graduation (again, really fancy, but this has a point) and a few weeks ago I bought these satin red heels from Rue 21 for $5(!) and I thought, "These would look awesome with that black dress and some red jewelry." Probably something to wear for a night out. But that's just an example.

    Ok, I'll quit rambling.

  2. Being a stay a home mom I had to make my own "rules" a few years ago. 1. is take a shower, even if no one will see me all day besides my kids and husband it's just something you really must do at least every other day. 2. Going along with the shower thing, put on make-up. Again it's just a nice thing to do for yourself and makes you feel a lot better to put yourself together. 3. Just like you I had to enforce a no sweats rule. Obviously I do this from time to time but not every day. It's amazing how much better I feel when I put on a pair of jeans. 4. Dress and skirts are super comfy and a great way to look pulled together without much effort. (Also makes me shave my legs, every once in a while, LOL.) Thanks for sharing made me laugh and tell Bryan I agree you need a "Pop-a-Cullah".

  3. P.S. This is Hillary your SIL.

  4. Agree.. workout pants are for working out and not grocery shopping. I don't even like to wear them to pick the kids up unless I just finished a workout. Isn't grey Bry's favorite color? Tell him he needs a pop-a-cullah. LOL

  5. Good start! Don't be scared. You can get great ideas on putting things together from cute style blogs like Kendi Every Day.

  6. the third shirt... sooo cute where did you get it!!!!!!


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