Monday, August 29, 2011

My First Week Back at School

As many of you probably know, I started school last week. And my brain has been making whirring noises ever since.

No, not really. But last week was stressful...and sleepy. Can a week be "sleepy"?

Between waking up super early, working, 18 credit hours of new classes (including trying to learn Spanish for the first time), wanting to make new friends at school and Bryan having to work overtime almost every single day (including the weekend), I just felt TIRED and a little run-down. Bryan was super tired too.

But today, one week later, I went back to school feeling refreshed and motivated again. Today I feel so excited about the rest of the semester. Am I a little stressed still? Sure I am, but that's ok! I'm already talking to people at school, I've already learned a LITTLE Spanish, and Bryan's big project at work (hence the overtime) is almost over. So I'm feeling really optimistic! I'm so thankful that I'm able to go to this school, and I don't want to spend the entire semester complaining (maybe just like half of it).

Oh, and I'm also pretty excited because I found a new tool for doing my hair on the days when I'm so sleepy I can't stand up straight. Usually when I'm short on time, I just put some mouse in my hair to enhance the curl and let it air dry. But the Spin Pin is a really cute way to wear it up! Have you seen the commercial before?

It really is super easy. You just twist your hair into a bun and then put these two swirly bobby pins in. For me, there was a slight learning curve involved, but after about 5 minutes I figured it out. It held up through my day at school, and I never had to adjust it or anything.

I get so excited about easy ways to fix my hair. My hair's really starting to get longer, and it's always been insanely thick. I don't want to cut it, because somedays I love to style my hair, and have plenty of time to do it. But for days that are "sleepy", this will work out great!

Thanks for coming by!!! :)

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  1. THAT SPIN PIN IS AMAZING!! When my hair gets longer I am definitely getting those!

    And so happy that you are feeling great about the semester! I know you will rock it! And I hope your Spanish test went well today! <3


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