Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Projects

So what did I do this weekend?

Well, I spent a lot of time with my husband, we watched movies, I worked, and a I did a few other things....

I turned this under-utilized closet in our master bathroom:

Into sort of a walk-in closet/ dressing room :)

In the past, my clothes usually ended up in a pile or shoved in a drawer. But I figured since I'm trying to dress differently, I should also be taking better care of my clothes. So I went through basically all the clothes I own decided what to keep and what to get rid of.

I'm pretty excited about my closet. I have a spot to hang all my scarves:

And a hidden area with a bunch of rolled up t-shirts.

On the floor I also put an empty laundry basket to use as a hamper, and a shoe rack. But my FAVORITE thing in the closet is the full-length mirror we put in there. We have never had a full-length mirror in this house and it is SO NICE to be able to see your whole outfit instead of just the top half.

 I know it's all kind of silly to get so excited about, but I love that everything is organized!!!! Bryan saw the closet and said "We're like grown-ups now!!!".

Haha! I love him :)

Also this weekend I tried out a new hairstyle. I got the idea from YouTube. You basically twist your hair up into a few buns and then just sleep on it, and in the morning you're supposed to have really pretty waves. Here was my favorite video:

(from confessionsofTIFF)

She said if your hair is thicker, you should do four of the buns instead of two. So I did that. But I wonder if maybe I shouldve done more because my hair was still a little wet in the morning, so I used the blow dryer a little bit. Maybe it was just too wet when I put it up. I'm not sure. The girl in this video didn't even have wet hair really, she just used leave in conditioner.

Anyway, it didn't turn out bad, but I definitely want to try again and see if I can do better. Here's how mine ended up looking:

A HUGE thanks to my friend Taylor for my new, dark purple hair!!! :D

Thank you guys for reading! See you soon! :)

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