Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

I am writing this post not as an expert on make-up (AT ALL!!!) but because I am always curious about the make up products other girls use, so I thought I'd share mine with you! Since I have been trying to dress differently, make-up has become an almost-daily occurrence for me. Though I like to keep it really natural and light, I do like to play around with it!

* I buy almost all drugstore make-up because:

1. I don't have a lot of extra money to spend on make-up, and I think the drugstore brands work great!
2. From what I've HEARD, there are actually only a few make-up manufacturing companies. They make the product and then it is sold by numerous companies in different packages at different prices. That's not to say that some products cannot work better than others, but it just tells me that price is not the determining factor of a product's effectiveness.

So here is what's inside my make up bag and why:
1. Make up Bag from EcoTools (Wal-Mart):
I like this bag because it's from an eco-friendly company, and because you not only get the bag but some nice brushes too! I really only use the blush brush, but I like it a lot.

2. Physician's Formula Organic Mascara (Wal-Mart):
This mascara is pretty good, but I'll admit it's not my favorite. It looks great, but I accidentally bought it without realizing it wasn't waterproof! I don't want to waste the rest of it, so I'll get a WATERPROOF mascara next time.

SIDE NOTE: Now that we know how to make waterproof mascara, why do we need non-waterproof? You never know when a chick flick will suddenly make you cry, or when (in the midwest especially) the pollen and ragweed will unexpectedly force you to tears.

3. Hard Candy Blush (Wal-Mart): I love this brand. The blush is really pretty and multi-colored so it blends nicely. It seems to be lasting me forever too. I probably wear more blush than the average bear, but  I just love it!!! I think it makes me look very bright and awake! (Hard Candy doesn't test on animals either- YAY!)

4. None Of Your Beeswax Lip Balm (LUSH cosmetics): This balm is one of my favorites in the colder months when my lips get super dry. It's color-less so you can wear it with anything, and it's vegan!

5. NYC Liquid Concealer (Wal-Mart): I love this because it covers the dark circles under my eyes and it's like $3.50. Awesome!

6. Jackie Oates Colour Supplement (LUSH cosmetics): Don't let the name throw you off, it's basically just a foundation and this shade just so happens to match my skin perfectly! The perfect color match can be hard for me to find since I'm so fair-skinned.

7. Almay PureBlends Eyeshadow (Purple): This is really the only eye product I have right now (besides mascara) and I only wear it every once in a while. I feel like when I wear eye make-up, it competes with my glasses, and I haven't really found anything I like yet. I NEED TIPS ON MY EYES! ;)

So what's in your make-up bag? I REALLY want to know! Tell me about your favorite products and feel free to send me tips too (especially on the eyeshadow subject!!!)

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. You are so beautiful Corinna! You have such a bright, clean and rosy look and it's been fun peeking into your makeup bag! ; )

  2. I've been kind of stocking up on makeup this past year, so I kind of mix it up when it comes to most of it. But I've been using Covergirl's liquid foundation and powder (I've been researching makeup lately, too, and a lot of people say you should use both to give it a more natural finish). I usually just use the powder foundation when I'm feeling lazy though.

    I have many eyeshadows, but I actually just found an Eyes Lips Face pallet at Big Lots for 4.50. They're actually this really good, inexpensive brand that can normally only be found on their website ( or at Target, so this was a steal for me!

    I actually have friends and some family who always buy the more expensive brands (think Sephora, Lancome, etc.) because they say drugstore brands irritate their skin, so maybe it matters in that case? But a friend of mine just recently sent me this page that shows all the different chemicals and additives and stuff in your products (including face wash) and I can send you that when I get home and pull it up if you like. :)

    Ugh. I always feel like I type out a novel for you to read!

  3. corinna you are absolutely beautiful!!! I have been using light pink mixed with jackie oats colour supplement on my face, burts bees hibiscus ( an adorable light pink color) lip gloss. Stilla eyeshadow in puck ~ a pretty brownish purpleish greyish color that unfortunately has been discontinued and Benefit cosmetics Benetint a rose colored stain for lips and cheeks. Then Maybeline great lash mascera in blackest black. so I am a mixture of expensive and cheap stuff. But I think it all depends of finding something you like.


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