Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Contest!!

Fall weather is pretty much here, and I'm so jazzed about it. Partially because now, I can turn on the oven and bake anytime I want without our house feeling uncomfortably hot.

I love baking!!! Did you know that?
(Yes, you probably did.)

So in honor of the beauty of fall, I am holding a contest now through September 21st.

What does the winner get?
 A tasty treat baked by me!!! I've been baking a ton lately and I would really love to make something for one of you!

So what do YOU need to do to enter?
Just post one status on Facebook with my blog link in it:

Once I see your status, I'll put your name in the drawing!
* We have to be facebook friends for me to see your status, so feel free to add me if you haven't yet!! *

What will I be baking for you?
Well, it will be the winner's choice! You can choose from breads, cakes, cookies, whatever! I will have to have some limitations though. Some things I won't be able to make, or for those of you that live far away I will only be able to ship certain things. But I will definitely make sure that it is something you will LOVE! I can make lots of vegan recipes too for anyone interested!

(Oh and P.S. The pictures above are not all you have to choose from, those are just some examples of stuff I've made in the past)

So enter now! You only have until 11:59pm on Sept 21st to post your status! That's only a few days away!


  1. You know, I'll be in town this upcoming weekend (hopefully). If I won, you wouldn't have to ship it if you wanted to make it right away! ;) And I could help!

  2. you KNOW I definitely just entered that contest. : D Such a great idea!!


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