Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Made PB!!!

I love peanut butter. I also REALLY love making my own peanut butter at home.

Since I showed you how I make vegetarian/vegan chili yesterday, I thought it was only appropriate to share how I make peanut butter today. Why, you ask?

Well if you went to school with me in GC, you know we are accustomed to having chili and peanut butter sandwiches for school lunch. I thought it was totally normal to pair the two of them up, but since then I've learned that it's not all that common. So is it a midwest thing, an Illinois thing or a GC thing? Let me know!!! I'm curious!

Anyway, whether you pair it with chili or think that sounds absolutely disgusting, here's how to make some home made PB:

I start with a container of roasted UNSALTED peanuts:

Then I dump all the peanuts into our food processor (one of my favorite appliances):
Then I turn the processor on and let it start to break down the peanuts. This will be VERY loud and your dog (if you have one) will not like it. Just give him/her a taste of the PB later and they'll forgive you.

While the peanuts are still being ground up, I pour in some peanut oil through the little spout on top of the processor (see below). I don't really measure it, I just add a little at a time.

(and yes, that IS an pink octopus dish scrubber on the left):

Here's me pouring it in:
Then I pour in some honey, using the same pouring method. If you don't want to use honey, you might be able to use maple syrup, agave nectar, or molasses. I haven't tried these yet, but maybe I will soon. I just wouldn't use granulated sugar. I guess you could skip sweetening it altogether, but that's a bit too bland for me.

I also add a little salt! I pour it in through the spout as well so the salt gets dispersed well.
I'm not giving any measurements on the ingredients because, honestly, it's a matter of personal taste. That's the best part about making your own PB! I just keep tasting it as I go.

If you want it creamier- add more liquid (oil and honey) and blend it longer. I don't know if it will ever get 100% creamy, mine is always atleast a little crunchy.

If you want it sweeter or saltier add some more honey or salt, accordingly.

And if you want it super crunchy, blend it less and use less liquid!

Here's how mine turned out:
Well it looks a little messy here, but it's DELICIOUS! Let's put it in a mason jar so it looks really adorable:
MMMMM... perfection.

(And yes, that is a blue whale can opener on the right hand side)

See you soon!

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