Friday, September 30, 2011

Mason Jar Candles Part 2

My friend Melanie came over last night to watch Project Runway and eat Taco Bell (our faves), but she also came to make candles like the one I made in my last post. But the candles we made last night turned out even cooler than my first one! Why, you ask?

Well ...
#1 Because Melanie was there! AND....

Yep this time, we melted crayons in with the wax and made these pretty, colorful candles! Bryan actually suggested that I try this last time, but I was too afraid it would be a fire hazard or something. But Melanie said that she read about using crayons for candles online, and since everything we read online is true, we went for it! ;)

Melanie even brought over another fragrance- Apple Blossom! They smell really good and they're seasonally appropriate since it's apple picking season.

Bryan helped us make the little cardboard things to keep the wick in place again. He is so cool <3

I LOVE the way these look and smell. I can't wait to make more- and believe me, I have PLENTY of candle wax left!


  1. So so jealous of all of the fun stuff you are doing! :) Love you friend!

  2. i wanna make sumthin with you! i miss you love!

  3. I literally think you are among the greatest people alive. You should be in am important book.


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