Friday, September 16, 2011


Oh my word. Did you hear about Missoni, (a famous designer/fashion house) coming out with a line at Target? All of the pieces had awesome patterns and colors and were SO beautiful. But I had been reading all over the internet recently that most of the Missoni products flew off the shelves even faster than expected and were now being sold for up to about 3 times their actual price on Ebay. Well the good news is, the Target closest to us still had a few things left.

Some things that really took my breath away:

This coffee mug.....

This awesome food/serving platter....
These ballet flats (only one VERY small size left!!!) and the rain boots...... DROOOOOOOL......

Well needless to say, I wanted it ALL. But I really didn't NEED any of it and I didn't want to waste any of our money.

But I may have have picked up ONE item for myself. And they may have been the LAST ones on the rack.

Yes they're socks. And yes, they're beautiful. And YES, they are SPARKLY. <3


  1. I went to Target today in part to see all the Missoni stuff. Some was really cute, some I thought was really ugly. I like all the things you picked!

  2. omg!! the socks and the flats.. I NEED them! sigh...


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