Friday, October 14, 2011

12 Weeks of Christmas- WEEK 1: Infinity Scarf

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first week of the 12 Weeks of Christmas. I am going to be showing you one handmade gift idea every week from now until Christmas! This week's gift is one that could definitely made ahead of time. You could make them now and be prepared for Christmas in December!

So what is the first gift? It's hidden inside of this cute handmade gift bag!
Inside of this bag is a 2-Sided Infinity Scarf!

Have you heard of infinity scarves before? They're basically like a giant loop of fabric that seems to magically turn into a cute scarf with very little work.

Here is my finished scarf in its loop form.

And then, just by twisting this simple sewing project a few times it turns into this:

And since THIS infinity scarf is made with 2 different fabrics, it can also be turned around this way:

Or, for the cold days of winter (remember: we're making this for a Christmas present), you could also turn it into a hood/scarf. Like this:

I got this idea from a few different things I saw on the internet, and from the 2 sided infinity scarf I already own (store bought). I made this one out of 2 lightweight fleece fabrics so it is warm and perfect for winter time. Then I just made a really quick and simple gift bag from the remaining fabric.

So if you want to know how to make one of these things, read the directions below! If you don't see directions, look for the "Read More" link below.


Okay, so I was having a REALLY hard time trying to take pictures that would accurately explain how I made this, so I did some drawings instead. I hope it makes sense to you! If not, please feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at with any questions.

Step 1: Buy one yard of two coordinating fabrics (2 yards total). I used the white key print (left) and the solid purple (right).

Step 2: Cut two sections out of each piece of fabric (4 total). My pieces were 15x30 inches. In this drwaing the "------" marks mean "CUT" but in all the other pictures it means "SEW". Sorry for any confusion.

Step 3: Now, take the 2 pieces from each color (right sides facing each other) and sew them together on one of the short sides. This will make 2 very LONG pieces (15x60 inches).

Here's an actual picture of the long pieces opened up for reference:

Step 4: Next, take the two LONG pieces and sew them together down the longer sides (right sides together). This will create a tube; open on both ends. The right sides of your fabric should be on the INSIDE of the tube.

Step 5: Fold one side of the tube in to make a little cuff at the top. The cuff only needs to be like an inch or two at most (I know it's hard to tell from the picture, I just wanted to make sure you could see what I was doing). Sew your cuff into place so it stays but MAKE SURE you do not close off that end of the tube. You need to keep the ends open for now.

The purpose of the cuff is to give us a nice, finished edge in the end.

Step 6: Turn your tube right side out. Your cuff should be hidden in the tube now.

Step 7: Feed the uncuffed end into the cuffed end. Pin it into place.

Sew through all the pinned layers (carefully- don't sew over your pins- take them out as you go). You should now have a complete loop of fabric.
After you're done sewing, just iron it out to make the layers flat. I ironed mine before I connected the two ends, but I think it would work either way. It just makes your scarf more wearable.

Your infinity scarf is done!!!

Oh and for the gift bag? I folded up the scarf to see how large the bag would need to be to contain it. Then I cut two equal rectangles out of my "keys" fabric (slightly larger than the folded-up scarf). Then I sewed up three of the sides, stuffed in the folded scarf, and tied it off with a leftover piece of purple fabric. SO EASY.

I got the idea for the fabric gift bag from Martha Stewart. I didn't really follow her directions very closely, but you could definitely check out the link if you have more questions about it.
Thanks for coming by! I hope you guys have fun with the 12 Weeks of Christmas and that you come back next week!


  1. GENIUS. all of this. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS SO MUCH. !!! You are so talented and I loved the drawn instructions (which totally make sense!)

    I can't wait to see the rest of the gift ideas!!

  2. corinna, i love u. i love all ur cute ideas!

  3. Saw this pattern last night and made one today! Love it so much! So easy, and only took me about an hour start to finish!


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