Wednesday, October 26, 2011

12 Weeks of Christmas- Week 3: Wooden Snowflake Ornaments

I am so excited about this week's handmade Christmas gift tutorial.

This time, Bryan and I made Christmas ornaments that you could make a bunch of in advance and then give to all of the people on your list! And not only can you use them as ornaments, they can also double as gift tags for all of your presents OR you could put them in envelopes and mail them out to friends instead of the typical Christmas card! Let me show you how Bryan and I put them together!

We bought some unfinished wooden cut-outs at Michael's- circles and snowflakes.

They are VERY inexpensive. You'll want the same amount of both because 1 circle + 1 snowflake= 1 ornament.
Then, I painted ALL of the wooden pieces with a layer or two of plain white acrylic paint. I painted both sides of the circle white and only one side of the snowflake.

Then I used my beautiful colors of Martha Stewart glitter acrylic paint (also from Michael's) to paint the snowflakes. I chose purple and blue because those are "wintery" colors to me!

I painted both sides of the snowflake with the glitter paint.
Next, I used some alphabet stamps (also from Michael's for $1) and a stamp pad to print "TO" and "FROM" on one side of the circle. The alphabet letters were all tiny individual stamps so I taped them together to form words. This way, I can use the stamps for lots of other future projects!

As you can see, Bryan drilled TINY holes in the top of each circle. I tied some plain white ribbon through the holes to make an ornament.

Simply attach the circle to the snowflake using some hot glue, keeping the side of the circle with the lettering and the side of the snowflake with both white paint and glitter on the outsides.

When it's time to send them off, I will just write on the recipients' and our names with a pen or marker.

Here's how mine turned out:

I really love that glitter paint!
I love that these ornaments are so versatile. I can't wait to give them to friends! Just make sure to give them out before Christmas so they can enjoy them this year too! :)

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked this week's project and that you'll try it out. Be sure to ask if you have any questions for me!

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