Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Decorations DIY

I've been looking online a lot lately for some ideas on seasonal home decor. Partially because this month we're having Bryan's birthday party and I want to have cute decorations, but also because I want some home made decorations that I can pull out of the closet to use every year. Some of the first things that caught my attention online were these:

( Photo source: Curbly)

Recycled glass bottles painted in candy corn colors! I thought they would be especially perfect used as vases with some flowers in them (maybe sunflowers?).

Well Bryan and I, for some reason, had been holding onto all of these old Jones soda bottles. I don't know how the collection started, but I knew this would be the perfect way to utilize some of them.

My Supplies:
  • Orange, White, and Yellow Spray Paint
  • Blue painter's tape- I wanted my lines to be more distinct/clean
  • Soda bottles- label removed
First, I put some blue tape towards the middle of the bottle, to section off the top from the bottom. Then I sprayed the top part white.
After the white paint dried, I spray painted the yellow on the bottom (keeping the tape where it was). I painted the lighter colors first since orange-the darkest color- would be able to cover any mistakes made in yellow or white.

After the yellow dried, I re-sectioned the tape so that I could spray between the yellow and white lines.
And then I sprayed the orange spray paint in that open section.
At this point, I started to get REALLY nervous. Paint was going everywhere and it looked really bad. So I walked away for awhile. I wanted to settle down before I went on.

When I came back and peeled the tape off it really wasn't as bad as it looked. I cleaned up the white and yellow paint a little bit and here's how they ended up:

Not perfect, but still cute! I think they'll be super cute for the birthday/ Halloween party! :)


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