Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Costumes

It's October now, so I can officially start talking about Halloween. I'm planning a Halloween birthday party for Bryan on the 28th (all friends are invited!!!) so I've already been thinking of my costume.

 Usually my Halloween costumes are made up of pieces that can actually be worn again in everyday life. I often buy what I need for my costumes at thrift stores and actual clothing stores. I think you get more for your money that way.

That tradition started for me when Bryan and I went shopping (years ago before we were married) for costumes at a Johnny-Brock's type of place. We found the costumes we were looking for but they were made of cheap fabric, didn't look all that great AND were $50 each. I just couldn't justify that price.

So instead we put together our own costumes! We were Shaggy and Velma from Scooby-Doo! 

My outfit was made up of:
A  turtleneck sweater from Rue 21 (that I wore again), a red skirt from Goodwill, some Red Mary Jane shoes I already had, and then I just bought some cute, tall socks.

Bryan's was:
A plain green t-shirt that he wore many times afterward, and his brown slacks that he wore to work.

Flash forward to a few years later, I was working at the Cupcakery as a baker. We were encouraged to wear costumes to work (so cool) but I needed something that I could work in. I was also supposed to wear a bandana or a hat to work (health regulations). So I dressed as.....

Rosie the Riveter! I actually got this idea from a friend who had dressed up as her the year before. It was so easy to do! I wore jeans, a blue collared shirt from Target, and a cheap red bandana.

That same year, Bryan dressed as Ollie!

His costume was made from a white t-shirt, a white thermal shirt, a little face paint for his cute nose and some ears and spots made out of felt! And yes, Olle was wearing a "real" costume-but  trust me, we won't be doing that again. It didn't go well.

Last year was our first time having a Halloween birthday party for Bryan at our house, so of course we both needed costumes! This time, I partnered up with a friend, and Bryan paired up with her husband (also our friend).

The girls were Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory:

We wore pink dresses (hers was from the thrift store, mine was on clearance and I had to dye it pink), some pearls and heels she had on hand, tights, and chef's hats found at a culinary store. She also sprayed her hair red, because she was LUCY!

The boys were Mario and Luigi!

They wore regular green and red shirts, some baseball caps from the craft store (the M and L are made from felt), jeans and some Mario suspenders found at Hot Topic. We thought about getting them actual overalls, but this was much easier and more comfortable for them. Oh and the mustaches?

Totally authentic :)

This year, I already have a pretty good idea of what I'm dressing up as. Bryan's not 100% sure about his though, so I'm not going to share the details of either of our costumes on here yet. But trust me, I will show you! Or you could just come to the party and see for yourself!

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