Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Upcycle Exchange!

Have you ever wanted to try out a crafting project but you were afraid to spend the money? Sometimes it's hard laying down the cash if you're not sure how it will turn out. Trust me- I've experienced more craft mishaps than I can count and I HATE the feeling of having wasted money.

Well I recently experienced an amazing store called the Upcycle Exchange!

(Photo Source: Upcycle Exchange on Facebook )

Have you heard of this store? It's in St. Louis and essentially, it is a pay-as-you-wish thrift store for crafters! No seriously! Crafters drop off unused supplies and then customers can name their own price to purchase them and give the supplies a new purpose.


The picture above is of their fabric and yarn wall. They allow you to get on step ladders and climb around and rummage through anything and everything they have!

I went there with two of my friends and we went a little crazy! It's hard not to!! Wanna see what I got?

If you want the total count of items, here goes:
  • 11 balls/packages of yarn- most of them barely used
  • 6 things of embroidery floss
  • 1 small bag of jewelry beads
  • 1 bag of clear craft stones
  • 3 stamps
  • 1 white stamp pad
  • 4 good-size pieces of fabric
I paid around $15 (plus tax) for all of it, and I could've paid even less! Can you imagine what it would have cost at the craft store???

 The owner of the store told us that there were suggested prices on everything, but told us to feel free to pay whatever we thought the items were worth. She didn't pressure us or anything.This store was super cool, and I promise you they didn't ask me to write this post for them or anything.

So if you're planning on crafting for Christmas like I am, you should DEFINITELY hit this place before you run to the more expensive craft stores! The owner told us that the store would be moving to a larger space soon, so make sure and keep up with their website and/or Facebook page to stay up to date on their location.

(Oh and P.S. If you're hungry after digging through all the crafty goodies at the Upcycle Exchange, my friends and I had the YUMMIEST lunch right down the street at the Urban Eats Cafe! I LOVE these local businesses!!!)

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  1. AW! I will have to check it out, and I LOVE urban eats. It is so good!


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