Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jezebel Bars

I know this stuff doesn't look particularly pretty, but you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover right?

I'm not in denial. This stuff looks gross. But BELIEVE me, it's WONDERFUL.

So what is it? It's a pan full of Jezebel Bars! Jezebel Bars are a really easy to make a dessert. Basically, it's a shortbread cookie base, with a layer of melted chocolate, some potato chips, and then a layer of salted caramel sauce. A little sweet, a little salty.

I know, potato chips in dessert sounds WRONG but it's not!!! Try it!

I got the recipe from a web article/interview with Reine Bayoc, who co-owns the St. Louis bakery/cafe, SweetArt with her husband Cbabi.  SweetArt is an amazing place, located near the Botanical Gardens, that sells vegetarian and vegan cuisine, plus some of the best desserts ever. I could eat their cupcakes every single day. You should go there.
(SweetArt's website)

(Source: Pinxit Photography)

Anyway,I've only made these bars a few times, but when I have I've been asked for the recipe! So friends, here it is:
Reine Bayoc's Jezebel Bars

The recipe is so great! But here are a few notes about it:
  •  the caramel sauce recipe is a little confusing/incomplete. It doesn't mention how much water to boil with your sugar. You could just take a guess- like I may have done- or you could use the other salted caramel recipe I've shared on the blog from The Cooking Channel's Kelsey Nixon. That recipe is also THE BOMB.
  • I used milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate, just use whatever you prefer
  • She mentions a certain brand of Potato Chips that you can get in the St Louis area, but I didnt want to make the drive just for chips, so I used regular kettle-style chips. I think their crunchiness stands up well to the melted chocolate and caramel sauce. I used some other chips the first time and they weren't as successful.
  • Fleur de sel is a French sea salt (according to Wikipedia). Just use what you have and taste as you go. Table salt or kosher salt will give different result because of their different textures/grain size, but if you go super slow and keep taste-testing, you'll probably be ok.
Sorry to add so many notes! But I have a bad habit of not following recipes very closely, and just switching thngs out for what I have on hand. I hope you try these!!! :)

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